Worldwide Business Development

There are many factors to take into account when considering how your business expands and develops its markets. The strategy will differ depending on the age of your business, its products and services, and the goals of the stakeholders.

The Asor model is a process that starts by sitting with you and understanding everything we need to know about your company. We identify and fine-tune your development goals together. We advise you on the best market approaches and type of distribution channels to meet them. Then we prepare you for that new move, by making the right internal adjustments and improvements.


When that work is done, Asor brings in our multiple connections and partners to guide you to the top, win-win manufacturing, licensing and venture partners in strategic locations. We personally bring you to the front door of the right person or business you need.


Worldwide Reach

Asor Capital’s worldwide scope spans Europe, USA, Canada, South America, Australia, Japan, China, Arab countries, and Israel. We see opportunities where you may not – for new factories or sales outlets, partnerships, diversification and more.

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